New Necklace Design # 34

Patina Pleasure 3860.jpgPatina Pleasure is a simplistic necklace design, which includes delicate earrings and lovely Swarovski Crystals with colorful Aqua Tierra stones.  Agua Tierra or Blue Impression Jasper is popular due to its green/blue color and sandy matrix. The location of this stone is China Mainland and it is said to be a wonderful stone to find inner peace, clarity and love. Brass and bronze make a wonderful contrast to the matrixed Impression Jasper stones and the Swarovski Crystals adding that special luxury and sparkle. The brass and bronze noted here are associated with relaxation, serenity, and calmness. The Patina of greenish-blue, on the surface of bronze or similar metals, is generally produced by oxidation over a long period of time.  The patined brass in this case is coated to give it a weathered, rustic look.   This is a dynamic necklace and earring set which can be worn by old and young alike. 


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