Jewelry Books from my Collection

A String of Expression– Techniques for transforming Art and Life into Jewelry by June Roman   S24.99;  ISBN – 13:978-1-60061-791-1;  ISBN – 10: 1-60061-791-3;  North Light Books – F&W Media Inc, 4700 E. Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, Oh,4523;  Frazer Direct – 100 Armstrong Ave, Geargetown, On, Canada L7G5S4;  David & Charles Brunel House, Newton Avvot, Devon TQ12 4PU, England;  Capricorn Link – P.O. Box 704, S Windsor, NSW 2756 Australia;  © 2010 June Roman

IMG_1085  A very unusual selection of jewelry designs, which I did not find within my style parameters. This was another of those books that you buy on line and think you must have and find it less than what you expected. I liked the way she named each piece and then wrote a short essay about each giving some interesting information and unique viewpoints. The pictures did not showcase the jewelry selections and although the faded backgrounds were muted they often interfered with the colors and designs of the jewelry, which was being presented. The thing I liked most about it were some of the essays and especially the collages included with many of the jewelry selections. The collages were colorful, well designed, and artistically presented.   In my opinion, if June did the Collages, she showed an exceptional talent in that field. However her artistry in the field of jewelry seemed simplistic and underdeveloped. Perhaps that, however, is the style she was looking to achieve and this artist is on a different page in regards to jewelry design. We all have our own particular flair and polish when it comes jewelry and fashion. For those with a completely eclectic palate or appreciation this book may be for you. I personally did not find this book of value and would not re purchase this paperback book for the somewhat exorbitant price of 24.99.

6 out of 10 in interest points would be my score for this unique jewelry book.

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