Gemstone Info #26 — Bloodstone

Description:  Bloodstone is a deep green stone with small red specks.  The green coloring represents green chalcedony or green jasper which is flecked with dark red spots of iron oxide.

History: The ancient Greek name for Bloodstone is Heliotrope which is Greek for “sun turner”.  In Medieval times, people believed the red drops were Christ’s blood from the cross.  It was therefore dubbed the Martyr’s Stone”.

Location: Bloodstone can be found in India, Brazil, China, Australia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bohemia, and the Czech Republic.  In the US: Wyoming, Maine, New York, California, Oregon, and Pennsylvania also have Bloodstone.

Folklore: The ancient Greeks were said to believe that athletes would gain endurance by wearing this stone. In ancient and present times it has been utilized to create and cut into cameos. Bloodstone has also been called the “Hero’s Stone.” and is said to instill courage bringing mental, physical, and emotional renewal.  Ancient tales relate it’s special powers to stop hemorrhages if touched and was thought to purify the blood and increase life force energies.

Care:  Bloodstone is a porous and rather soft stone. Protect bloodstone from extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, and scratches.  In addition, water may remove some of the stone’s polish.  Clean and polish with a soft polishing cloth.

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