Gem Info — # 27 — Bronzite

Description: A collector’s Bronzite stone is a tan, bronze, dark chocolate brown or greenish brown stone.  Bronzite is part of the pyroxene group that has been weathered through moisture and temperature. It is a slightly brittle stone with a metallic bronze glow or luster.  The stone is a silicate compound of magnesium and iron with metallic inclusions.

History: In ancient Roman times, Bronzite was ground into a powder and used medicinally to prevent and cure mental illness.  Bronzite amulets were worn by ancient Romans for protection helping to protect the wearer from evil, danger and magic.  Bronzite was used by ancient Greeks and Romans in art and decorations.  Bronzite has also been found in meteorites.

Location:  Bronzite is found in Austria, India, China, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa.

Folklore:  Bronzite is called both a “Stone of Focused Action” and a
Stone of Courtesy”.  Bronzite is also said to dispel uncertainty, bringing inner peace, removing stress, protects against depressive moods, and works favorably on the psyche.

Care: Bronzite has a tendency to be brittle with medial hardness.  Please store carefully to avoid being scratched and keep away from chemicals and extreme heat.

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