Recommended Reading- Jewelry Books


Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking

by Kimberly Adams

ISBN -13:978-1-57990-572-9

ISBN – 1-57990-572-2

Glass Craft, Glass blowing and working, glass beads

Published by Lark Books, A Division fo Sterling Publishing Co., inc

387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY10016

©2005, Lark books

This hard bound book has contents that include: A chapter on equiptment, tool, and supplies as well as safety equiptment and clothing. The next chapter helps you create the first bead from lighting the torch to annealing in the kiln.   The following chapters deal with bead shaping, color, decoration and intermediate and advanced techniques of millefiori, dichroic glass., how-to beads, sculpting techniques, and floral beads. The pictures and photographs are colorful and give a clear description of bead formation and creations. This is a spectacular book which is the go-to book for glass bead making. A great price for this beautiful hardbound book.



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