Absolutely Unique has returned

We have been so busy with shows and selling that our time for websites has fallen behind. I have received so many requests to return and thank you for all your comments and reviews. We will continue Article of Interest, Jewelry Book Review, and Gems and Mineral Information. My jewelry will be incorporated into a new series that I was running on my facebook pages involving different countries. I incorporated regional clothing, jewelry, Idioms/quotes, pictures of regional scenery and animals of both Africa and Scandanavia. I found the study to be too broad so I am breaking the country into smaller areas and even including the 4 regions of the US. I have asked readers from the country regions to to join in and add additions to this interesting study. Some of this country study will be included here: a jewelry selection, regional quote, a regional recipe, a scenic or animal picture, regional gems & minerals for our newest countries of interest which are:

The older country studies still remain my two Absolutely Unique Facebooks:



Some of the pictures and recipes will also be added to my pinterest account

(https://www.pinterest.com/aullcjewelry/ )

to encourage readers to add to that website as well. I hope you will follow us and add any information you have on these new regional studies. If your family comes from these regions or if you have traveled or live there we look forward to your input as well. Clothing designers from the Netherlands have added their sites and input to my facebook accounts. I hope to hear from you as well and would love to add all of you as facebook friends as well.

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