My Favorite Jewelry Books



Indian Jewelry Making – Oscar T. Branson

ISBN: 13: 978-1-887896-03-0                     Rio Nuevo Publishers 1977

This is a wonderful book of Native American designs and creativity. It delves into the creation of designs, tools, and the manner of making them. Several pages were devoted to hair ornaments and ponytail cones and these were of particular value to me as we don’t often see these ornaments in jewelry books. Another section was devoted to Bolo Ties and even pages on canteens. I was delighted to find a page on making, hardening, and tempering steel stamps. Thimbles, Silver whistles, cigarette cases, varied silver boxes, silver bells, goblets, sterling Kachina’s, and even filigree jewelry creations. A marvelous one-of-a-kind story bracelet or ring is shown and the design process and completion is revealed. A lovely couple of pages are devoted silver sandcasting, which gives a bas relief effect. Cuddlebone casting is also described. The last page shows a do-it-yourself jeweler’s notebook.

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