Gems & Minerals – Biotite


Description – Biotite is not a valuable mineral but the mica and luster make the stone quite unique. The crystals are transparent to translucent with a vitreous or pearly luster with distinctive qualities of Mica. Smaller crystals may have the luster of schists or gneiss with thin sheets or flakes of magnesium aluminum silicate sheets.  The color is generally black or dark brown with silver gray mica flakes or specks.

Location – Biotite is found in Bancroft and Sudbury, Ontario; Sicily; and Russia.

History – Biotite is named after French Physicist, J. B. Biot

Folklore/Metaphysical – Biotite is said to reduce tension, stimulate the metabolism, and purify the body of concerns like rheumatism,  gout, and in shrinking growths.

Care – It is a very soft mineral and should be handled carefully and stored separately.

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