Gemstones & Minerals-AzurMalachite


About-It has a hardness of 3.0-4.0 and is a blue copper mineral. Azurite is often found intergrown with Malachite forming this amazing stone. The dark blue is from oxidized copper ore and as it absorbs water it changes into the mineral Malachite. It often occurs with Crysocolla and Turquoise as well

History- For thousands of years Azurite and Malachite have been used in jewelry and ornamental objects. In the Russian Palaces man-sized carved vases were created from both. Catherine’s Palace displays both as gallery objects d’art. Both were often used in the Middle Ages as pigments by Renaissance painters.

Location-It is found mainly in copper mining areas and has been found worldwide. The most outstanding samples of Azurmalachite have been discovered in Australia, Chile, France, Mexico, Morocco, Nambia, Zaire, and the Southwestern USA especially within the states of Arizona and New Mexico.

Folklore-It is believed to help in the reduction of anger, promote wisdom, and is purported to have been successful in reducing the pain of rheumatism.

Care-It is a very low hardness and in most cases is coated to protect it. Heat destroys Azumalachite turning the Azure into a copper oxide. It will scratch easily and should be stored separately or in a jewelry bag. Clean and buff with a soft cloth to return it’s original luster.

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