Gemstones and Minerals — Azurite


About-It has a hardness of 3.4-4.0 and is a blue copper mineral. The dark blue Azurite is formed from the oxidation of copper ores.  Azurite can form fine crystals.

History- The name is derived from the Persian (Arabic) word for blue (lajward). It was often used in the Middle Ages as a pigment and dye and was a favorite blue pigment used by Renaissance painters

Location-It is found mainly in copper mining areas and has been found worldwide. The most outstanding samples have been discovered in La Sal, Utah; Bisbee Arizona; and new Mexico in the USA. It has also been found in Mexico, Tsumeb, Nambia, Shaba, Congo, Toussit, Morocco, Australia, and many locations in Europe.

Folklore-Azurite is often called the “Stone of Heaven” It is believed to unite the subconscious with the conscious mind expanding the limits of our minds like a lantern in the darkness.

Care-It is a very low hardness and in most cases is coated to protect it. It will scratch easily and should be stored separately or in a jewelry bag. Heat destroys Azurite, turning it into black copper oxide. Clean with a soft cloth, and buff with a soft cloth to return it’s original luster.

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