Semi-Precious Gemstones and Minerals – Astrophyllite – Hardness – 3.0

Information-Astrophyllite has small tabular or bladed crystals which are translucent to opaque. The crystal colors which occur in matrix may be golden yellow to greenish brown and often form in star-like patterns or clusters.
History-Astrophyllite has a Greek name with “astron” meaning (star) and “phyllon” meaning (leaf)
Location-It is found in Khibina, Russia; in Quebec, Canada; and in Colorado in the USA.
Folklore- Astrophyllite is said to be a stone of self-acceptance and self-knowledge . It is said to bring calm especially for ADD, ADHD, and anxiety.
Care-Being a very soft stone it should be stored separately in a jewelry bag to avoid scratching or maring its lovely surface. Do not use detergents, or chemically based cleaners. Buff with a soft cleaning cloth to renew its shine.

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