Gemstone/Minerals #11 – Apatite


Description: Apatite is usually green although it has been found in many different colors. Bright sea green is regarded as a gem for collectors and jewelry makers.  The hardness is 3.5 to 5.0 according to the stone.

History: The name is derived from Greek for “deceit” since it is often mistaken for other stones.

Location: Blue-green Apatite comes from Myanmar and may have a cat’s eye effect.  Other varieties have been found in Kenya, India, Russia, Madagascar, Norway and Sweden.

Folklore: It is said to be the gemstone of communication and helps one overcome sadness and grief.

Care: Apatite is not often used in rings due to it’s softness (3.5 hardness) and poor durability.  It is sensitive to acids.  Clean using a mild soapy solution, rinse well, and dry thoroughly with a soft jeweler’s cloth.  Do not store near larger or harder stones as Apatite may become scratched or marred.

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