Gemstone/Mineral #9 – Angelite



Description:  Angelite is a lovely baby blue gemstone crystal.  Some specimens are fluorescent under a UV light.  Ordinarily the colors are white, gray, colorless, blue, or even violet.

History:  This stone is formed from Celestite which was compressed over millions of years.  It was originally named Anhydrite but was renamed Angelite after a recent rediscovery.

Location:  Angelite occurs in a variety of areas in the world.  Mexico and Peru are commonplace for this crystal gemstone.  It has also been found in Germany and in the U.S. in New Mexico.  

Folklore/Metaphysical: Angelite is said to facilitate strength and stamina development.  It is also noted to be a communication stone which can bring serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm.  

Care:  The use of tepid water with a mild soap may be used to clean this stone.  Do not soak in water or use chemicals or strong cleaners as it may damage this lovely gemstone.  Angelite has a hardness of 3.5 which makes it a rather soft stone which could scratch or be damaged by other stones.  Please store in a soft cloth or jewelry bag.

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