Gemstones/Minerals #10 – Anglesite



Description:  Anglesite is a native gemstone with prismatic crystals which often grows or juts out of deposits of Galena Ore it’s host rock.   The color is white, or gray with pale yellow streaks.  It is a crystal structure with a high luster.

History:  It is the best known Welsh mineral and was first recognized as a mineral by William Withering in 1783 who first found  it in the Parys copper-mine.   The name occurred later  from the Isle of Anglesey in Wales where it was formally discovered in 1832 by Francois Sulpice Beudant.

Location: It is mainly found in Wales, England, Scotland in the British Isles.  It has also been found in in Morocco, Germany, SArdinia, Africia, Mexico and in the US. in Pensylvanis, Utah, and New Mexico.

Folklore/Metaphysical: Anglesite is said to promote sensitivity, gentleness, relaxation and tenderness.

Care: Anglesite is a very soft gemstone with a hardness of 2.5 – 3.0.  It is therefore easily to scratch and damage when stored with other jewelry. Clean using a mild soapy solution with a soft bristled brush for the crevices in the mineral crystal.  Do not use chemicals, cleaning products, or ultraviolet cleaners on this delicate mineral rather polished or rough.



Gemstone/Mineral #9 – Angelite



Description:  Angelite is a lovely baby blue gemstone crystal.  Some specimens are fluorescent under a UV light.  Ordinarily the colors are white, gray, colorless, blue, or even violet.

History:  This stone is formed from Celestite which was compressed over millions of years.  It was originally named Anhydrite but was renamed Angelite after a recent rediscovery.

Location:  Angelite occurs in a variety of areas in the world.  Mexico and Peru are commonplace for this crystal gemstone.  It has also been found in Germany and in the U.S. in New Mexico.  

Folklore/Metaphysical: Angelite is said to facilitate strength and stamina development.  It is also noted to be a communication stone which can bring serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm.  

Care:  The use of tepid water with a mild soap may be used to clean this stone.  Do not soak in water or use chemicals or strong cleaners as it may damage this lovely gemstone.  Angelite has a hardness of 3.5 which makes it a rather soft stone which could scratch or be damaged by other stones.  Please store in a soft cloth or jewelry bag.