Gemstone/Mineral #8-Angelskin Coral

Angel Elite 5238

Description- Angelskin coral is a pale pink deep sea coral.  It is often referred to as a Noble Coral which is the most desired and expensive of all coral types.

History-They were often carved into cameos in ancient Greece and Rome and were said to be engraved as seals.

Location-They are found off the coasts of Africa, Australia, Japan, Mediterranean, Malaysia, and the West Indies.  Angelskin Coral is found at depths of 65 feet.

Folklore-Coral is one of the 7 treasures in Buddist Scriptures.  Physically coral is used for general healing. It is said to ward off bad thoughts from others and promotes well-being.

Care-Rinse coral in warm water.  Do not use cleansers or chemicals as this may damage the soft porous coral beads.  Dry flat on a soft kitchen cloth.  Buff gently to raise the luster when coral is completely dry.

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