Newest design #7

DSC00021Christy’s Reef

This lovely blue beauty is made of an exceptional quality of Chrysocolla.  The central is a rough stone and the beads above polished.  It is accented by beautiful lampwork beads, swarovski crystals and copper.  The central is beaded and the unique clasp is hand designed and made by Kim Fox.  This is an exceptional necklace which displays the unique designs which Absolutely Unique LLC has available for shows in Arizona and California.


My Favorite Books #5 -Glass Beads by Louise Mehaffey


Glass Beads is one of the best resources for those beginning to make glass beads to the intermediate beader.  It gives a brief History of Beads first, followed by the Tools and Materials needed.  Next are the Basic Skills and Bead Shapes.  The Projects begin on page 53 and give a lovely variety in techniques from Petal beads, Poked Dots, Harlequin, Raised Petals, Twisting, Raking, and Feathering.  It even includes Batik Beads with Silver Stringers and Hollow Eye Beads.  An excellent book for those who would like to learn more about making and designing their own Glass Beads.

Gemstone/Mineral #8-Angelskin Coral

Angel Elite 5238

Description- Angelskin coral is a pale pink deep sea coral.  It is often referred to as a Noble Coral which is the most desired and expensive of all coral types.

History-They were often carved into cameos in ancient Greece and Rome and were said to be engraved as seals.

Location-They are found off the coasts of Africa, Australia, Japan, Mediterranean, Malaysia, and the West Indies.  Angelskin Coral is found at depths of 65 feet.

Folklore-Coral is one of the 7 treasures in Buddist Scriptures.  Physically coral is used for general healing. It is said to ward off bad thoughts from others and promotes well-being.

Care-Rinse coral in warm water.  Do not use cleansers or chemicals as this may damage the soft porous coral beads.  Dry flat on a soft kitchen cloth.  Buff gently to raise the luster when coral is completely dry.