Gemstone/Minerals #7 – Andalusite

Description: Andalusite is made up of Aluminium Silicate minerals and is somewhat rare in the jewelry field.  The color may range from yellowish brown to dark bottle green, dark brown.   The beads are quite difficult to match on any standard color chart.

History:  Andalusite was first discovered in Almeria in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia.  A variety of Andalusite is Chiastolite known as “cross jasper” or “cross stone”.

Location: It is found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka but most often in Brazil.  The U.S. also has specimens of this stone.

Folklore/Metaphysical: Andalusite if often referred to as the seeing stone and is said to cure eye problems and because it is purported to encourange one to look at issues reationally by belping them to see the various sides to a problem without judgment or fear.

Care:  Andalusite has a hardness of 7.5 so it is fairly hard and will wear well.  It may be cleaned in a mild soap and water solution but never left in water.  After drying, buff gently with a soft cloth.

images-2  images-1 images

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