Gemstone/Mineral #6-Amphibolite/Hornblende

Description-Amphibolite is metamorphic and typically dark-colored with foliated or flaky structure.

History-Amphibolite was used to produce adzes (a tool similar to an ax)  in the central European early Neolithic cultures.

Location-It is found in the Gore Mountain region of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State.  They are also found in the Great Smoky Mountains and along the Appalachian Mountains from Main to North Carolina.

Folklore/Metaphysical-Amphibolite is said to help individuals to accept compromise and  is a grounding stone.

Care-The hardness is 5-6 and is thus harder than glass but generally in a medial hardness range due to its metamorphic nature.  It should not be placed in water while cleaning as this may damage the surface of the stone.


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