Semi-Precious Gemstone #5- Ametrine

Description-Crystals that are part Citrine and part Amethyst are called Ametrine.  It is a rare and unusual stone which is also called “trystine”.  The stone is often cut in facets to reveal the yellow and purple colors.

History- The Ametrine bead is said to be Royal and to have been enjoyed by royals for centuries.The Anahi Mine located in the jungle of Bolivia was first discovered by native indians in the 17th century.  The Bolivian government made this land a state reserve and built a fortress near the entrance of the mine.

Location- Ametrine has been found most recently in Brazil and Bolivia. Much of the Ametrine protected by the Bolivian government made it’s way to the border of Brazil and has been sold there in the past decade.  The Anahi Mine is the only confirmed source of natural Ametrine.

Metaphysical & Folklore- Ametrine is said to have the healing properties of both the amethyst and citrine within it.  Ametrine is also said to be helpful to eliminate distress leading to an inner peace and tranquility.  It is said to be a very rare power stone.

Care- Ametrine which is heat treated releases a slightly red tint.  Ametrine is very rare and the future availability is uncertain. It has a hardness of 7 so it is rather hard however it will scratch and mar with excessive wear.   Due to its rarity, care and storage of this gemstone should be taken into account.  Chemicals and household cleaners are not recommended.

Exclusive Collection
Exclusive Collection

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