Semi-Precious Gemstones and Mineral #2 –Amazonite

Once again if you see any information that you may question or want to add, please let me know so I can research and make corrections to make these Gemstone articles as accurate as possible.


Description-Amazonite is a soft stone with a hardness of 3.5-4.0 which is mined in Granite rocks. It is an opaque green Feldspar which may have veins of white or yellow.

History – Amazonite was used by Egyptians according to archeologists who are said to have found it in burial chambers. Two myths appear in various texts involving the origins of Amazonite. One suggests that Amazonite was called the stone of courage. It was named after the Amazon Woman Warriors who are reputed to have lived in the Amazon region during the Bronze Age according to archeological evidence. The most popular legend suggests that Amazonite was found in the Amazon regions and was thus named Amazon-ite.

Location – Amazonite is found in many places around the world. Today the most important source is said to be India. It is also mined today in the U.S.A., Brazil, Zimbabwe, Russia, Australia, Namibia and South America. Additional location sources are Austria, Canada, China, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Japan, Madagascar, Kenya, Norway and Portugal.

Folklore – Amazonite is said to have a soothing or calming effect by dispelling negative energy. It is also said to strengthen a persons’ ability to bring order out of chaos. It is noted in some sources as being a “Hope Stone”, enhancing hope and confidence as well as creative expression. There are many other metaphysical qualities; however, these appear to be the most relevant properties.

Care – Amazonite is a relatively soft stone which makes it susceptible to scratch easily or be damaged. It is sensitive to pressure and should be stored in a small cloth or jewelry bag to avoid damage from other necklaces.

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