My Newest Design #2

Rhodochrosite Elegance 5226

Rhodochrosite Elegance is an amazing necklace made from the finest Rhodochrosite semi-precious stones.  It occurs in rock veins naturally and has a zig zag pattern.  The lovely pink color is blended with cream and coral.  Rhodochrosite is said, metaphysically, to promote love, peace, and energy.  Also included in this necklace are pale rose Swarovski Crystals which add a sparkle.  Natural Freshwater Pearls are added to bring a beautiful luster.  Sterling Silver Embossed Rounds and Smooth Rounds are included to add texture and elegance to this spectacular piece.

It is another great example of the fine and unique jewelry creations Absolutely Unique has available on their website, Etsy Shop, as well as at their shows in California and Arizona.  If you live in the Phoenix area, feel free to visit us at the Arizona Opera.

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