My Favorite Jewelry Books — Addition #2

DSC05565Creative Gold and Silver Smithing;  Sharr Choate;  Crown Publishers, Inc.;  NY; 1977;

ISBN: 0-517-524139

Sharr Choate has created a book that explains every detail in sequence on how to create a lovely silver or gold project.  She starts by explaining metals followed by textures, annealing and pickling.  She continues with shaping and sawing as well as filing and sanding. She covers details on buffing and polishing your project, soldering, metal coloring and finishing.  Finally, she delves into the world of mountings and findings.  She then steps into design categories of wire followed by chains, tubing and hinges. She even discusses rings, pendants, and appliques.  She basically covers the entire process of smithing.

A wonderful refresher course or beginning step by step approach to silver smithing.  This has a very precise layout.  A wonderful book that I would recommend to anyone who would like to expand their jewelry artistry and/or perfect their current artistic designs.

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