Recommended Reading for Jewerly Designers by Nancy U

Steampunk Book and Necklaces
On the left is a Wright Brothers Necklace. On the right is a train motif.
Steampunk Emporium is in the background.

Steampunk Emporium
Jema ‘Emily Ladybird’ Hewitt
Northlight Books
Cincinnati, Ohio
copyright ©2011
ISBN -13:978-1-4403-0838-3
ISBN -10: 4403=0838-1
$27.99 USA/$31.99 in Canada

Absolutely Unique has a large stock of books which are utilized for ideas. We have a vast array of categories from Scandanavian to Space and Fossil, and each necklace is an unique item. Recently we were requested by Event Network and Greenfield Village to create Steampunk designs for the gift shops at the Ford Museum. One of my favorite Steampunk books is “Steampunk Emporium”. It has many ideas that we drew from to create our designs. Better yet, it includes a story line with extraordinary expeditions in addition to patterns and lovely pictures. I especially enjoyed the Jurassic Valley Expedition. Two brief exerpts from the book are included:

“Dear Mr. Dickens,
The jungle grows even thicker and more oppressive. At night the crys of distant unknown beasts fill the air. Lord Phillip Barhan is an exemplary expedition organizer…We have real hopes of entering Jurassic Valley again tomorrow.”

“Dear Mr. Rivett,
As we were flying over the extraordinary world of Automatopea, the balloon started to lose altitude. Mr. Woppet did his best, but slowly and surely we descended into some rose gardens adjoining an exquisite chateau…”

This is a lovely and informative book with imagination which strongly appeals to my muse. It starts with a brief description of what Steampunk is and then delves into the various themes that Steampunk is so famous for. Although the cost is somewhat prohibitive, I feel that the quality of the book makes it well worth the price. I am delighted to have this book in my jewelry library and would recommend “Steampunk Emporium” to anyone in the jewelry field or those interested in the World of Steampunk.

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