Semi-Precious Stone and Mineral Catalog from A-Z

Absolutely Unique LLC enjoys assisting their customers utilizing descriptive cards which tell about the Semi-Precious Stones and Minerals.  The cards reveal the Description, History, Location, Folklore, and Care of the Stones in the necklaces created.  This blog will be on-going and will feature different stones each week.  If you have additional information or know of something that may be incorrect, please feel free to comment, and I will be delighted to research and update the information to its proper form.  I have explored many sites to obtain accurate content and look forward to your input as well.  I will include a picture of each stone or a necklace which was created with that semi-precious stone or mineral.


Today we will talk about Alexandrite,

Description – Alexandrite is a rare variety of ChrysoBeryl which has a hardness of 8.5.  The best Alexandrite is a bright green, yet in candlelight or under a red light it changes to a bright red.

History – It was found on the Czar Alexander’s birthday in an emerald mine in Russia and was named after him.

Location – Alexandrite was first found in the Ural Mountains of Russia.  Red and Green are Russia’s Imperial colors.  Today the two most important sources of Alexandrite in the world are Brazil and Sri Lanka.  It is also found in Rhodesia, Burma, Tasmania, and the US.

Folklore – It is believed to help treat swollen lymph nodes. It is a magical gemstone with universal appeal by astrologers, scientists, and gem lovers throughtout the world.  They are often known as healing stones and is said to balance the mind and help to achieve calm.

Care – It is sensitive to knocking and heat can distort the color.

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