Russian Ladybug Necklace

Absolutely Unique’s Newest Necklace Design

My newest design completion is a Russian Fabergé Egg Pendant, which was purchased in St. Petersburg, Russia on a trip there in 2011.  These eggs resemble the famous Fabergé Eggs which originated in Russia.  The jeweled eggs were created by Peter Carl Fabergé and the most famous were presented to Alexander II and Nicholas II as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers.  The trademark is now owned by Fabergé Limited, which makes egg-themed jewellery.  These tiny replicas have a jeweled exterior and open to reveal a delicate design or dangling golden angel or butterfly enclosed in a golden case.  Each tiny Fabregé Pendant is different and only five were purchased on this trip.

This exquisite and unique egg is embellished with crystals and opens to reveal a delicate Butterfly and Ladybug nested within a golden orb.  Azurmalachite, a lovely green and blue semiprecious gemstone, matched the jeweled case beautifully.  Also included in this delicate 22″ piece are lovely 4mm Malachite Beads, forest green Freshwater Pearls, sapphire Swarovski Crystals, and 14K Gold Beads and Toggle Clasp. This is an exquisite example which returns one to an oppulent time of kings when ladies of the court wore necklaces of quality and beauty.  Earrings are included in this lovely set.

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